Center for Earth Law

The Earth Law Center within Foundation Earth is devoted to the development of legal and governance regimes that are based on the concept that humans are only one member of a wider community of beings.

It posits that human societies can only be just and flourish if they govern and regulate themselves as part of this wider Earth community and do so in a way that is consistent with fundamental ecological laws and principles. This approach to law and legislation is urgently needed if we are to adequately respond to the unprecedented ecological challenges of the 21st century. The Center for Earth Law will take an interdisciplinary approach to defining this new field of law working with lawyers, ecologists, scholars, indigenous peoples, economists and spiritual leaders. The new wave of environmental law will be designed to ensure the protection of the existence, right to habitat and ethical considerations of all beings. Such legal principles already exist in the U.S. Endangered Species Act and in the constitutions of several countries, most recently being incorporated into the new constitution of Ecuador. Initial research and advocacy work will investigate legal amplification of the Public Trust Doctrine, the Protection of the Commons, the establishment of an environmental tort cause of action against corporate polluters and exploring the establishment of legal rights for all beings in the form of Guardian ad Litem representation in environmentally relevant litigation.