Center for Technology Assessment

All of our current environmental problems are unanticipated harmful consequences of our existing technology. There is no basis for believing that technology will miraculously stop causing new and unanticipated problems while it is solving the problems that it previously produced.
–Jared Diamond, The Last Americans June 2003, Harpers

The Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) is devoted to exploring the economic, ethical, social, environmental, and political impacts that can result from the applications of technology or technological systems.  Using this holistic form of analysis, CTA provides the public with independent, timely, and comprehensive information about the potential impacts of technology.  Recent history is filled with profound technological changes and scientific discoveries in such fields as telecommunications, nuclear power and weaponry, computers, pesticides, car and air travel, modern medicine, and genetic engineering that have permanently altered our communities, countries, and ecosystems.  These innovations demonstrate that technology is among the most powerful, and often destructive, agents of social change in modern times.  CTA will assist the general public and policymakers better understand how technology affects society.  A major conference for 2013 or 2014 is in the early development stages.


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