Center for Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Center within Foundation Earth will be devoted to the concept that human health is dependent on the health of the planet and fostering that approach in society.

Among its priorities will be to explore health issues, scientific understanding of causes, and new approaches to controlling the major environmental health problems in industrial and developing countries. Original topics for research will include how the body reacts to environmental pollutants, physical, chemical and biological agents of environmental contamination; vectors for dissemination of pathogenic toxics in our air, water and soil; health impacts of solid and hazardous waste; environmental justice and susceptible populations; biomarkers and the precautionary principle; environmental epidemiology of cancer and other major diseases; and emerging global environmental health problems related to global warming and water depletion. A central focus of the Center will also be the relationship of our health to the most intimate relationship we have with the environment namely the food we eat and water we drink. Emphasis will be put on exploring and promoting organic and other sustainable and humane modes of food production as a key to overall human health. Issues such as water as a common good worldwide that are not to be privatized would be addressed. The Center will also explore the effectiveness of alternative health care solutions including homeopathy and the broader range of alternatives included in naturopathy.