Foundation Earth drew inspiration from Father Thomas Berry (1914-2009) and his work when conceptualizing the Earth Pledge project. We continue to find his words on the majesty of the planet moving and powerful. More information about his work can be found here. While all his thoughts resonate, it was this specific quote from The Ecological Age that inspired our Earth Pledge project:

“The Earth Process itself, the sea, the air, the sky, the sunlight,
the living forms of the earth do not recognize national boundaries.
Therefore no sense of earth responsibility can be established
until the peoples of all nations learn a primary allegiance
to the larger life community.”


Andrew Kimbrall similarly took inspiration from Father Thomas Berry’s work when he wrote “Salmon Economics (and other lessons)“. What began as a E.F. Schumacher Lecture in 2003 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts has subsequently became an articulate publication. In the dedication, Kimbrall wrote:

” I dedicate [this essay] to Father Thomas Berry—cultural historian, ecologist, Passionist priest, and author—whose seminal book The Dream of the Earth shows the human community the way to living in a mutually enhancing way with planet Earth. Father Thomas has had an enormous influence on my life to this day, to this very hour. His patient mentoring transformed me not only spiritually but also practically. The work I am doing as an environmental attorney and writer I owe in great part to his guidance and inspiration. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to him.”