Press Releases

22.03.17 – Virginia Uranium’s Lawsuits against State Injecting Mining Issue into Governor’s Race

22.09.15 – Biosphere Smart Agriculture In A True Cost Economy: Policy Recommendations To The World Bank

21.09.15 – Uranium Minings Ads This Week To Alert Virginians

20.08.15 – Earth Day Call To Double The World’s Native Forest Cover

3.10.15 – Press release for our letter to the G20 on mega-infrastructure investment

2.4.14 – Senator Leahy Pressures World Bank to Save Rainforests & Rivers

9.20.13 – Canadian government failing Sustainable Economy 101: report card

5.24.13 – World Bank Policy and Large Dams

6.18.12 – The Rio+20 Earth Summit: A chance to set our planet in the right direction

1.19.11 – US and China must reduce emissions 80 percent by 2020