This is not about being nice. Weather patterns are changing. We are giving nature a raging fever and it is getting worse. Deforestation contributes nearly 20% to climate disruption. Do not let them dam the Amazon. You are the last generation on Earth to have a chance to save the rainforest. Survival is at hand. Self-defense of our planet and our species is real. The old economy has put a gun to our head. We have to protect our own just like a cornered cougar protects her cubs. When the next economic breakdown hits, don’t allow the anti-environmental anti-democracy people to step into the vacuum. Pressure your “leaders” to shoulder their responsibilities. Summon your courage, get active, and rebel with focus and tough love. Seize land in your community and grow food. Real hope emanates from implementing bold plans! Fight for your big ideas and orchestrate the economic rethink to the way of cooperation. Fight and we will have a more ecologically sustainable society. Fight and we will have justice for all people and all species in this great web of life.

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