Get Involved!


Foundation Earth needs our members to step up and get involved. Our Bioregional “Community Corps” are our most dedicated members who are willing to use 5 minutes of their day, every once in a while to help us fight to promote a true cost economy and to get our voice heard across the world. We’ll find the selective moments when a few hundred or a few thousand people urging an action just might deliver the right decision for the earth.



Our Friends:

Support the Rights of Nature:
Global Exchange: Learn more about the Rights of Nature.
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus: Take a Rights of Nature course.
Facebook: Join the Rights of Nature Group.
Rights of Mother Earth: Write to a world leader and sign a petition here.

Fight the Belo Monte Dam:
Amazon Watch: Sign the petition here.
International Rivers: Donate to protect the Xingu here.
Survival International: Write a letter to Brazil’s President.

Protect the Amazon:
Rainforest Action Network
Greenpeace International

Additional Resources:
World Future Council
SustainUS: U.S. Youth